Yemelya Special Mobile Unit
The Yemelya Truck series was created by engineer Vasily Elagin. It was used to carry out the Sea Ice Automobile Expedition in 2008 and 2009 as well as Round-the-World trip in 2011-2015.

It's newest Transglobal Car Expedition version remains an amphibious vehicle with enhanced designs to move through swamps, tundra and other difficult types of landscapes. The Arctic Ocean basin was chosen as the most suitable "terrain" for conducting general tests and demonstrate its incredible capabilities - a harsh climate coupled with high humidity, hummocks, vast fields of young nilas ice, numerous gaps and cracks, salty ocean water.

Compliance with environmental requirements is ensured by the use of ultra-low pressure tires, especially special shell tires with an operating pressure of only 0.05 atm. The Truck, with its own weight of 1450 kg, is capable of towing a caravan of three trailers with a payload mass of more than 2.5 tons in difficult off-road conditions. High all-terrain qualities, simplicity and reliability of the design, large interior space make it possible to use the vehicles as mobile laboratories, patrol cars of border guards, other units of law enforcement agencies in the Arctic and the Far North, as well as to perform a wide variety of tasks in the national economy.

To improve range efficiency, the vehicle has the capability to tow over 5000 extra liters of fuel in bladders securely mounted on a flexible plastic sledge. Each fuel bladder is sealed and built to minimise any risk of fuel spillage and includes internal fuel pumps which enable efficient, clean, liquid transfer to the towing vehicle's main tank.