Canadian Test Drive

Day 4. At SPA - salon 12.03.2022

Expedition through the eyes of Alexei Safonov:

It's time to ride the Fords from Arctic Trucks. After Yemelya, the usual landing in a car seems as comfortable as putting on slippers after a day of wearing ski boots. And when the massage feature was turned on, I lost the boundaries between the car interior and a SPA. Pleasant quiet music flows from the speakers to the beat of the movement of the soft suspension on the snowy fields... Dolphin deer have already became a common thing and constantly darted around us in small flocks. But the endless fields turned into endless stone hills and the buzz ended. And no matter how slowly and carefully we were driving, we still had to shudder from the rattle on the bottom. At some point, having crossed another hill, a clearing opened up in front of us, on which hundreds of deer were grazing. We went down close to them. For a few minutes, we watched, spellbound, how the brave animals solemnly walked around us.

We hid under the mountain for the night. Icelanders demonstrated how a car BBQ works by frying bacon.

Before going to bed, I went for a walk and the first day in my life I saw the northern lights. I looked at it rejoicing like a child at a salute, then I felt that my cheeks were frostbitten, and went to bed.