Canadian Test Drive

20.03.22 Odometer – 1516 km

Last night, we had fried nelma liver and caviar, 50 grams of whiskey, in general, a modest proletarian dinner. Vikings had sandwiches. We sympathize.

This morning is misty, visibility is ~ 100 m. The beginning of movement in the hummocks of the middle hand. Then it became more fun, a good soldier, Peat went ahead again (they usually let me go ahead when there is no visibility, our cars have a much better view), 210 km in a day, we lost two hours fiddling with the Ford drive shaft. Viking Ayo is Russian in spirit, lying quietly under the car, standing only on the jack. Andrew Picard, at my suggestion, persuaded the fatalist to use our stand. It worked out. The evening is windless, clean resort. Gavrilov salted 1,5 kg of fish in the evening. What would we do without it! And poor Maxim Badulin!

We are driving along the border of time zones, electronics are rushing from one time to another, an alarm clock was set by the general tension of mental forces, it did not work out, this bastard rang at 4 o'clock, and it was three. Then I will only look at an ordinary wristwatch, they are not affected by such trifles. After all, we are like chickens, the dawn is important to us, not what time it is. Not in China, tea, the whole country lives there according to Beijing time, and nothing, they reproduce successfully.

So it goes. VE