Canadian Test Drive

Travel Diary, Day 6

Preparations for departure to Yellowknife are going on as usual. Zurab left us in the morning to rescue the Viking Torfi. The magic letter from the Ministry of Tourism helped so now Torfi is free, and even has a work visa for six months, so the family will not be left without a bite to eat.

With Zaits ordered metal for dragging under the ice radar, they took the money favorably (as usual), and the goods will only arrive tomorrow, although they promised today in the middle of the day. Sergey Larin flew in today, tomorrow he will be buying groceries with Boris Pavlov with all his energy, as soon as he is released, one of the mechanics will come to their aid.

We’ve spent the whole day waiting for deliveries, which are always late and for the most part is miscomplected. Happily, Sergey, Sherp representative in Canada, helps us a lot. He sells, maintains and repairs Sherp ATVs. He's a really active and friendly young man, but also well-informed. He helped us buy polyethylene pipes for drag-catamaran sleds for ground penetrating radar to measure ice along the way. Christian Haas, famous glaciologist at the Wegener Institute, asked us to do it.

Drag-catamaran seems to be too clunky but we know that we couldn’t equip it differently. It must ride in a trailer track to stay safe and functioning, passing through hummocks on drifting ice. And also it must stay afloat. Despite the proximity of a huge city the range of products, equipment and tools leaves much to be desired. As an answer to our disappointed moaning Zurab says: “Welcome to Canada”. He has lived here for 20 years, and he has enough reasons not to idealize the Canadian part of the British Commonwealth. So it goes. Yours, V. Elagin.