A Milestone Visit at Italian Geographical Society Headquarters

Transglobal Car Expedition Team Visits Italian Geographical Society Headquarters.
On Friday, July 5th, 2024 members of the Transglobal Car expedition team visited the Italian Geographical Society headquarters at Villa Celimontana, Rome, Italy. Expedition leader Mr. Vasily Shakhnovskiy and his crew were joined by distinguished guest and former Italian astronaut, Paolo Nespoli, reinforcing the expedition's strong scientific affiliations.
The Transglobal Car Expedition team, along with members of their support crew, was warmly welcomed by Prof. Gianluca Casagrande and the chief archivist, Dr. Patrizia Pampana. As part of their visit, the Transglobal Car Expedition representatives were privileged to tour the 18th-century Palazzetto Mattei, the society's esteemed home since 1924. The visit marked a significant leg of their pole-to-pole journey, having recently arrived from the North Pole to Africa.
During their stay, the team was given an exclusive tour of some of the Society’s most treasured collections. Highlights included the Council Hall, the birthplace of many significant 20th-century explorations by the Society, the stunning Mosaic Room, paved with an original 4th-century mosaic excavated from a pre-existing Roman building in the premises of the Villa Celimontana, and the "Reading Room", where visitors were enthralled by century-old photographs of Mount Stanley. This monumental peak, situated in the Ruwenzori range along the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, was first ascended in 1906 by an expedition led by Luigi Amedeo di Savoia, the Duke of Abruzzi.
The mountain, located in the Ruwenzori range at the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, will be a landmark that the Transglobal Car expedition will visit further in its journey.
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Transglobal Car Expedition is a pioneering initiative dedicated to circumnavigating the Earth, passing through both the Geographic North and South Poles. The expedition encompasses human adventure, technological innovation, scientific data collection, and educational media initiatives. This remarkable journey is driven by a passion for discovery and the collective commitment to make local and scientific communities benefit from its passage.
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