Canadian Test Drive

9.03.22 N70*52’, W97*50’. Cloudless, almost no wind

Yesterday  for the first time we were driving on the disturbed ice. Hummocking was about two points on a five-point scale. Fords were driving well, on fields of smooth ice they flew away from us like rockets. We drove slowly, especially the red one. They hung an ice radar named after Christian Haas, a famous glaciologist, on her trailer. The radar is hanging behind the trailer on a console one and a half meters long, there is a risk of breaking it when crossing ridges of hummocks. In my green car, in addition to Konstantin Alexandrovich Gavrilov, there is an operator, Maxim Vasilyevich Badulin. A gentleman, pleasant in all respects, doubly pleased us with the news that he does not like fish. In the evening, at the end of the creative process of perpetuating our feat, looking into the car and asking what we have for dinner, he hears our joyful chorus - fish! Nelma, or in another way, whitefish is a royal food, but Generation P prefers Rollton. Most of the products purchased by Dr. Larin to support the vital activity of the team are completely unsuitable to our despair. It's not about the doctor, he tried his best, it's just another continent, and the ideas about delicious and healthy food are very different from European ones, and you can't bring your own, the local customs are vigilant.

Everything is not bad, almost 200 km in a day, but in the right direction, God forbid, 120. The ice radar shows the thickness of the ice from 1 to 2 meters. We have seen bear tracks, but we are not afraid, we have a hunter. We rented a gun in Cambridge Bay
So it goes. VE