Canadian Test Drive

Day 5. At a snail's pace… 13.03.2022

Expedition through the eyes of Alexei Safonov:

On this day we have driven only 50 kilometers. We made our way through half a meter of sharp stones sprinkled with snow. Most of the time we were waiting rather than moving. Arctic Trucks often got stuck and we had to pick up shovels. As a result of such a stone attack on Fords, their fashionable thresholds turned out to be absolute uselessness. The bent brackets raised the thresholds so that they blocked the doors, and sometimes it was impossible to remove the snow from under the bottom. It's good that it turned out on the shore, and not during an emergency leaving the car on the ice. The rapids were subsequently removed at Cambridge Bay.

Yemelyas also revealed some flaws: cracked rim and problems with wheel inflation.
That's why it’s a test drive…