Canadian Test Drive

February 20. Mississauga, Day 9

The day started very hard. Firstly, my birthday, and secondly, Zaitsev and Pavlov left their hotel room last night, but could not go back in. The electronic lock did not respond to the cards. Gentlemen dressed almost in their underwear were a bleak spectacle, Zaitsev occupied a room with Dubinin and Ershov, Pavlov spent the night in the room allocated to him.

At breakfast it turns out that on Sunday “burglar” specialists do not work, and Monday is non-working in the whole country – Family day. In a closed room, not only the clothes of polar explorers, but also the keys to the car. In the middle of the day, in complete despair, I called the chief – Shakhnovsky. In less than 10 minutes a specialist was found, and the door was opened. That's what it means to call the right place at the right time. 

Larin with Pavlov at the procurement, mechanics stack spare parts and tools. I completely forgot: when I woke up in the morning, I realized that the drag, with its bulkiness and weight, had no place in our caravan. We make a bracket for the rear wall of the trailer, on which we will lay the device. Not as safe as a drag itself, but this option has been postponed until next year, when we will be able to prepare all the materials of the right size, characteristics and weight. 

As the electrical equipment purchased for the trip is sorted, something is put aside for obvious redundancy, and something does not fit. In all out ATVs the on-board network is 12 and 220 V, and all electrical appliances purchased on the Internet are designed for 110 V. Maybe it is for the best.
So it goes. VE.