Canadian Test Drive

23.03.22 Resolute. Same characters

Vikings on Fords started on the way back to Cambridge Bay - Yellowknife at 10.30 today.

We're in the garage to rest. Yesterday the yellow car was overheating, the driver got carried away driving on smooth soldered ice. Things happen. Hopefully without consequences. The day was busy, as usual, dinner, sleep. At 0.30 there was a knock on the door. Andrew and Maxim, with not of the best news. At about 22.30 blue Ford, in which the driver of the Peat, fell through the ice and drowned. Torfi and Brandon, the hunter, managed to jump out. The Fords were moving on our trail. All night we were in suspense. Emil Grimsson closed everything on himself. The accident happened in the middle of the journey from Resolute to Cambridge Bay, about 450 km away from us. On our all-terrain vehicles, this is a 20-hour journey. We didn't know what they had left, sleeping bags, a tent, whether there was an opportunity to make themselves a hot drink. The second car in the course failed, the first with a trailer, slipped through a bad place, but the ice, its solidity, greatly violated. The weather in the morning is very windy, but in the middle of the day the guys were safely taken off by helicopter. Now you can say "Welcome to Canada" again, but in a radically different key.

From that moment on, the rush for us ended, as, indeed, did our plans to search for adventures and open water in the northwest of the Canadian archipelago. It became clear that by the time of the main campaign, the core of the team would have to be taken to Cambridge Bay, since it was difficult to guarantee the safe passage of the Cambridge Bay - Resolve section on cars that did not have positive buoyancy. It should be added that in this run, the snowy situation on our way was, if not ideal, then more than gentle. And snow is the substance that causes the most trouble to Arctic-truck class cars. But by the beginning of the main campaign, the core of the team will need to arrive by a certain date. The main thing is that the people remained unharmed, the bear did not bother them, just strolled nearby, apparently, just passed by, so everything worked out this time. 

So it goes. VE