Canadian Test Drive

Day 2. Wolves on the horizon... 10.03.2022

Expedition through the eyes of Alexei Safonov
The morning alarm clock made it clear that I didn't even wake up once during the night. The sleeping bag was comfortable and not cold. After the Doctor's breakfast, we continued to race down the frozen highway. The weather was clear, so the rising sun forced the drivers to wear sunglasses. On the lakes, in those places where the snow was blown away by the wind, the road reflects the sun brightly, and the ice strikes its beauty: the blueness and depth. The team is in a good mood. The radio is discussing the prohibition of alcohol on the winter road.

By lunchtime, the Fords from Arctic Trucks caught up with us. The whole team got together.
After a brief route's discussion, we continued on our way.

We passed the Diavik diamond mine, turned right and realized that the comfort was over. The speed dropped down to 10-15 km/h, the bumpiness started, the wind picked up, we lost visibility of the terrain. After we had been bouncing on the bumps for half an hour (it turned out later to be a completely flat road), we decided to camp overnight. The sun was setting, it was getting dark, when suddenly we saw the figures of some animals on the horizon. The leader was walking ahead, and four more were walking a little bit far... We couldn't make out what these animals were and assumed the worst: they were hungry wolves! A chill ran down our backs, and Dr. Larin advised us to lock ourselves in our cars and hide our food.... The animals went around our camp for three hundred meters and in the same order disappeared over the horizon ... 

The camp fell asleep.