Canadian Test Drive

21.03.22 Odometer 1728 km N73 * 06' W095* 52'

On the thermometer – 35 *, polar explorer Zaitsev claims that "soroket", no less. Rushes everyone to leave. He has a strong motivation, a hunter spends the night in their car, and to say that he snores means to say nothing. In the Resolution, our paths with him will diverge, the workers of high latitudes will be saved.

The yellow car has a low-pressure hose of the power steering. This is some kind of horror, we bought the most frost-resistant ATF liquid in Toronto, it freezes at 30 degrees below zero. On average, our caravan of six cars costs about 1.5 hours a day due to repairs, because each wagon wants to break down separately from the others. Breakdowns are mostly small, but the amount is being collected.

The weather is great, we saw a mother bear with two teenage cubs, skinny as a model, it looks like these two peppers are taking all the loot for themselves. Curious, they came to 20-30 meters. We took them in plenty. By the evening, we were digging in the hummocks, Andrew persuaded me to try to drive in the dark, agreed out of mental weakness, lost an hour and a half, drove 1 km and went to bed. In the morning, climbing all the members on the roof, I looked around and in 20 minutes we were on flat ice, and an hour later we arrived at the Resolution. Morning, evening, then you yourself, I hope you know…

So it goes. VE