Canadian Test Drive

26.03.22 N74 *10’, W095*50’

Left the Resolute at 14.00, while planning to do it immediately after breakfast. The expedition, however. In a day, or precisely in half a day, we overcame 102 km. Fair weather, by the evening the wind was completely down. We follow our trail back to Cambridge Bay. The day before yesterday there was a very strong wind that made a mess, we are going, as it should be in this life, across the furrow. From the dining room at the Resolute Hotel, we were given a box of delicious food for the road, even jars with crab meat and other goodies. Today we drilled ice and compared its thickness with the readings of the device. Everything converges perfectly, the radar works perfectly with an ice thickness of about 1 m. Later we will check its operation on other thicknesses. This is relevant to us in the context of the evacuation of Ford remaining in the zone of insufficient ice thickness. So our science is not only academic-fundamental, but also applied. It increases self-esteem, but it seems to be only in their own eyes.

With Kind Regards, VE