Canadian Test Drive

Day 4

A suburb of Toronto, same characters.
Zurab Sanikidze is absent. He is the lifeline in the sea of problems surrounding us. An extraordinary man, he managed to miss his flight to Boston, and he didn't even have a ticket.

He had to drive to Boston where he had to pick up three trucks for Arctic Trucks and, together with Torfi and his wife Maria, drive them here to Mississauga. Mississauga is not a suburb of Toronto at all, but, as recent scientific studies have shown, a million-plus city, the sixth largest city in Canada.
This morning started off well, foreman Gavrilov received a message from the Canadian anti-virus authorities that we all tested negative, which is the best news in these days.

So, we are freed from further self-isolation and can begin to fulfill our tasks. At about 10 am Zurab called and said in a voice full of optimism that in three hours he would join us. By evening, a call, Zurab and his wife had just crossed the border and were heading home, but without a third car, without a trailer and without Torfi. And the following happened, having approached the Canadian border, Torfi, out of the simplicity of his soul, answered the question about his plans in Canada, “I will bring the car with a trailer to mind” and I will go to the Arctic. In response, Canadian customs, with all possible benevolence, asked him to return to the United States, obtain a work permit for himself in Canada, register a trailer and then return to the country of maple leaves and birches, between which it rains, you know .. At the moment a lone Viking sits in an inn on the American side of the famous falls, waiting for a work permit and trailer registration. Zurab is in great demand, we are sad without him, without his much-needed help and knowledge of the area. Nevertheless, the work is going on, the goods are being packed, the missing materials and tools are being purchased. The weather is good, light frost, and tomorrow weather forecasters promise warming and the successful return of Zurab.

So it goes. Yours, V. Elagin.