Canadian Test Drive

Day 8. Work is in full swing ... 17.03.2022

Expedition through the eyes of Alexei Safonov:

One-by-one driving the cars into the repair box, we completely dismantled the interior for thawing and drying, while doing minor repairs. Welded burst discs, changed the bearings on the hub, carried out electrical work. An endless stream of local residents came to the garage to talk, find out about the expedition and cars. Children were allowed to sit behind the wheel, and we answered a variety of questions from the adults. Men mainly asked about the technical characteristics of cars, and women were interested in life inside all-terrain vehicles, how many people can live there, how they sleep, how they eat. One old man was not averse to showing off his vehicle. He pulled up to the garage in his 1970s American-made crawler all-terrain vehicle. Of course, I asked for a ride on a new miracle equipment for me. In a minute, having got used to it, I was already writing out circles on the frozen bay, introducing light and powerful equipment into a controlled skid. The old man was happy that I appreciated his toy and enjoyed this fun.
At the end of the day, all Fords and two Emelyas were ready for new challenges.

However, we decided to leave the white hybrid in Cambridge Bay, just in case not to slow down the expedition.