Canadian Test Drive

24.03.22 Messing around in the garage

Messing around in the garage. The tasks facing us have changed, we need to leave everything we don’t need to get to Cambridge Bay and return back to Resolution. This applies to both spare parts and groceries. The work is painstaking, especially at the doctor's, with grub, and it would be good for us to guess what to leave and what to take. The doctor, with his characteristic subtle humor, expressed the idea that the other Ford that remained at the scene of the accident, with a trailer, would not live to see our arrival and would be stolen. We leave one trailer and tires in the Resolute, and we take only two spare parts with us. The doctor leaves lashings of food. We do laundry, prepare for the sea, for non-local times, in which case, it is better to be in clean shirts. Our task now is to get to the scene of the accident, document everything as far as possible, and take the surviving Ford with us, more than hope, that it was not stolen. Everyone wanted to show heroism, and lined up in the desire to become its drivers. I am thinking about the sequence of cars movement in the context of creating the greatest safety for a heavy Ford. A green car is ahead, followed by an all-terrain vehicle with a radar on a trailer, then a pickup truck. Let's drill the ice a couple of times, compare it with the readings of the device and, hopefully, everything will fall into place. 

So it goes. V. Elagin from the settlement of Resolute.