Canadian Test Drive

Day 3. Dolphins... 11.03.2022

Expedition through the eyes of Alexei Safonov
Morning, breakfast, off we go! We drive through endless white fields. No roads, only ice and mountains far away...

Then I realized that I already had the same feeling of freedom! Exactly! It's like sailing! We also go on waves, not only on the blue sea, but on white dunes, not on smooth waves, but on hard bumps... You are sailing a yacht, no, more likely a catamaran... There is a safe crew in the boat, ready to assist you at every moment... You were standing, I mean sitting at the helm, only the wheel was not vertical but horizontal, your eyes instinctively looked for a compass to check the course, the wind was backstroke about 17 knots, I thought which reef to set the sails on... and suddenly I saw a shoal of dolphins, they jumped and moved across the road... My consciousness woke up and I realized that it was not dolphins, but a herd of deer! Later we have more times met these dolphins, i.e. deer... Later I guessed that yesterday's wolves were also deer…

Twilight came, then it got dark, but we continued to move, taking advantage of good visibility.

In a small ravine, we hid from the wind and dropped anchors. Dinner was stroganina made from fish "caught" in Yellowknife.
Lights out.