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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Transglobal Car Expedition is a trailblazing initiative that will redefine the boundaries of wheeled exploration. Departing northward from New York on January 10th, 2024, the awe-inspiring journey will circumnavigate the Earth traversing both Geographic North and South Poles, back in New York from the south over 18 months later.

The team will utilize a fleet of specialized vehicles built to withstand the rough terrains found around the world. For much of the journey, they will use a battery electric hybrid truck developed and built by Arctic Trucks based on the Ford F-150. For the Arctic tundra and Antarctica, Arctic Trucks has developed and built several six-wheel-drive trucks based on the Ford F-350. For the North Pole and Greenland, the team will use four hand-built “Yemelya Special Mobile Units” - engineered by Transglobal crew member Vasily Elagin. The fleet has been carefully designed to improve range efficiency while also being environmentally conscious to ensure minimal impact or disturbance to the various ecosystems.

The Transglobal Car Expedition has set ambitious goals that encompass extreme sport adventure, technological innovation, scientific data collection, and educational initiatives. The crew is keen to make a meaningful contribution to sustainability and scientific knowledge by collecting accurate, in-field data along the way, from measurements of the polar ice caps to the detection of cosmic rays coming from distant regions of our universe. The expedition will deploy cosmic ray (muon) detectors, utilizing the open hardware design of Cosmic Pi, on its vehicles. These detectors have been adapted to endure the environmental extremes encountered in the hottest and coldest parts of the world, promising unparalleled insights into cosmic ray activity throughout the expedition. Social media posts and in-person events will help communicating and engaging individuals, organizations, and the public along this extraordinary journey and groundbreaking exploration. Stay connected with the expedition's progress, discoveries, and updates through their official website and social media channels.

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Transglobal Car Expedition is a pioneering initiative dedicated to circumnavigating the Earth, passing through both the Geographic North and South Poles. The expedition encompasses human adventure, technological innovation, scientific data collection, and educational media initiatives. This remarkable journey is driven by a passion for discovery and the collective commitment to make local and scientific communities benefit from its passage.
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