Canadian Test Drive

Day 2

Sunday, 02/13/2022 Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto. We haven’t gone anywhere yet, but we already have a travel journal. There is something special about it: down-to-earth and Russian.

Trip plan for 2022.
02.12 – 02.19 ATVs pass the final inspection in Toronto
20.02 Transported from Toronto to Yellowknife
25.02 ATVs arrive in Yellowknife
26-28.02 Yellowknife, purchase fresh food, primarily fish, all-terrain vehicles are put on marching vehicles (large wheels)
01.03 Start of the expedition

The main points of the route: Yellowknife-Contvoito-lake-Bathurst Inlet, Cambridge-Bay-to.King-Williams-Resolute-O.Meygan-exit to the Ocean-Resolut. Estimated time of the end of the campaign in 2022 is 31.03. 14.00 UTC-4.

-15 *outside, the weather is good. It would be even better if our expedition warm jackets (they are called parks for some reason) were waiting for us here in Toronto, and not in Edmonton.

But it’s ok, suffering educates the will and strengthens the spirit.

We are working, the trailers are finally assembled, the suspension stiffness and toe angle are adjusted, the marching wheels are still being assembled, there are too many of them, 35 wheels. Eliminated some small leaks of antifreeze, disassemble the tools and various gear in barrels. The work is boring, requires attention, and accuracy. My heart flutters and flutters in anticipation of Sergey Alekseevich Larin, so with a sense of relief I will dump him the burden of purchasing produce, and food responsibility in general into his calloused hands. Today Zurab wanted to fly to the United States of North America to pick up pickup trucks for Arctic Trucks, but that was not the case, those same bats didn’t let him. He passed the PCR test, but got the results exactly when landed, so he spat on mice and aircraft, and went by car, only 1000 km, though the same distance back ... He will return approximately ... as it turns out, truck drivers block the roads. In short, if only to return. One of the Icelandic gentlemen will come with him, he will also prepare the cars for the campaign, they will ride with us to Resolute, then return to Yellowknife. We will pull the trail further north, to Meygan Island, to the open ocean, splash in the water, ride on hummocks, see how TREKOL tires behave, take heroic photos. We will return to Resolut, service the equipment and mothball it until next spring, when it's time to fly again. This is the end of the 2022 program, we will save up strength and nerves for the main campaign, to the pole and to Greenland. It is interesting to look at the lands discovered by Eric the Red who was an authoritative gentleman, according to rumors.
So it goes. VE