Canadian Test Drive

Day 7. Rescue tug… 14.03.2022

Expedition through the eyes of Alexei Safonov:

We got up an hour earlier, hoping to do 200 km in one day. Our car is organized this way: Volodya drives in the morning, Sergey in the afternoon, and then me.

Sun, smooth road, decent speed. By lunchtime, it starts to inflate; on my shift, the wind turned into a blizzard. Huge masses of snow lifted 30 meters and carried parallel to the ground, and when it began to get dark before my eyes, a dense white veil formed in the headlights. Sometimes the fog lights of the front cars were visible. Having passed through a small island through and through, we came to a large “water” consisting of large ice hummocks. They were formed when the ice washed ashore. On one of these hummocks, a hybrid Ford landed on its bottom. Something fatal happened in its brain and it refused to go. I had to take its lighter diesel brothers in tow. In that caravan we entered the bay and moored in the town of Cambridge Bay.
Dinner. Shower. Sleep.