Canadian Test Drive

30.03.22 There is no wind, clear, -32*. N70*27’, W 099*24’. Odometer 2562 km

I wake everyone up in the morning at 5 o'clock, and according to the time of another time zone, it suits us better when dawn comes. People are not enthusiastic about this, and I have senile insomnia, I'm shy to tell everyone about it, I use it for selfish purposes, let them think about my iron will, for that matter. After the ritual dances with burners around the radiators, pulled away. Today the road was more fun, once we even accelerated the green old lady to 60 km / h. Just to remember youth. We have trailers on our tails, and high science, ice radar, we need to take care of. Anyway, our task is to come to Cambridge Bay, and prepare cars for the main campaign next year. By the evening I got behind the wheel of a Ford, the poor guy was walking very hard in the snow, the pressure on the ground was too great compared to our cars. Andrey Ivanovich sat down on the right (they changed his patronymic to the correct one, his middle name is John), the conversation turned out to be interesting again.

So, in informative conversations, another day disappeared in the darkness of time.

With greetings, VE