Canadian Test Drive

Where does the expedition begin?

Where does the expedition begin?
It seems to me that this process has two stages. The first one - is the remote preparation for the trip, development of the route, ideas, team, the anticipation of the new places happiness (for those who understand).

The second stage is meeting with reality, which is a hassle, and once again a hassle. Missing the deadlines, those damn bats bestowed Covid-19 on the mankind, strikes, prices that magically soared into the sky, psychosis at the borders. And only us in all white, stubbornly breaking through towards our goal, ideally suited to the immortal definition of the great Cyrano de Bergerac: "doubly beautiful is that which is useless." Just joking. In fact, we bring warmth, light and kindness to the world. We, tractor drivers, finally broke through to hospitable Canada, and, despite the Saturday ban and the ten-hour time difference, we rushed to work. It’s a pity that it wasn’t knee-deep in icy water, otherwise it was the real “how the steel was tempered”.

The result of the day: the trailers are almost assembled, assembling of the wheels - debugged, and just like that. The workshop is in order, tables equipped. Frankly, not without effort, but we hope this will help us adapt to local time quickly.

So it goes. VE