Canadian Test Drive

12.03.22 Travel diary

Third day on the road. We enjoy the absence of the endless reminders about the timely delivery of PCR and other tests. Tundra. It is happiness to be in places where you can finally not think about carrying a mask in your pocket. It happened completely imperceptibly, the forest disappeared, and we found ourselves in the vast expanses of the North. Lots of caribou. The deer here, I must say frankly, are just as stupid as in our homeland. Seeing the approaching caravan, it is absolutely necessary for them to cross the road in front of the cars. And always, there are no exceptions. But this only entertains us and brightens up to some extent the monotony of driving on still flat terrain. Briefly about our nomadic life. The team is divided by the design differences of the vehicles. It's like with women's shoes, high heels are beautiful, but it's uncomfortable to walk, but vice versa -  in boots. The same for us, Fords are beautiful and drive fast, but living in them is not very good. And we have “boots”, they don’t go fast, but life is quite comfortable. At a friendly dinner, sometimes eight romanticists gather at the table and, to the best of the doctor's strength and generosity, strengthen international cooperation and exchange of experience in a nomadic way of life. In terms of fuel consumption, I look forward to refueling in Cambridge Bay with great interest. On a decent segment of the path, this will be a good, reliable indicator. The gasoline Ford hybrid demonstrates remarkable abilities in terms of gluttony; the on-board computer sometimes shows up to 70 l / 100 km with horror. Its engine power is clearly excessive, which only creates unnecessary difficulties when driving it in off-road conditions. As long as the weather is good, let's go. 
So it goes and talk to you later. Yours, VE