Canadian Test Drive

31.03.22 N69*11’, W 103*32’, Odometer 2810 km.

Morning. 5.00. Dark. We made good progress to the west yesterday and the time on my watch stopped matching the light day. But, the captain's word is law, so wake up, and have no objections. It's not far to the finish line, so fighting against the evil eye, we filled a tank with snow, knowing that in this case the chances of avoiding road troubles greatly increase. It is only necessary to say or just think loudly that nothing is needed, we will be at the hotel soon, immediately the game is over. In the morning, they filled thermos flasks with boiling water, warmed up the radiator at the yellow one, and it immediately started which was a very medical action. Dawn broke. On the ice of a small lake, they stood up to practice in removing the car from the water to the ice. Imitation, of course, water in fresh lakes cannot be reached in winter in this blessed area. Unnecessary tests are never superfluous, and our case has confirmed that. The tip of the new ice anchor bent under good tension, Zaitsev circumcised it with a gentle hand, and everything worked. At the pillars of the letter "L", the steel tips turned out to be excessively long and in hard fresh ice one of them bent, even though it was made of high-grade steel, again circumcision, it's still a good thing! It's working! Otherwise, everything was fine, the courageous faces of the polar nomads in the rays of the rising sun, the operator with the risk of amputation of his fingers, turning the handle of his device in ecstasy, Andrey Ivanovich, inspiringly introducing viewers to our future feat. By 11:00, the body of the author of these lines, exhausted by responsible trials, together with the entire caravan was delivered to Cambridge Bay, where our run of this year ended.

So it goes. Greetings from the glorious province of Nunavut, yours, VE