Transglobal Car Expedition

Unique Journey. On the way to the dream. Together.
Unique Arctic Test Drive Starting
April 6, 2023
    January 2024
    Transglobal Car Expedition Launch
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    Unique Journey.
    On the way to the dream. Together.
    Unique people. Unique places. Unique technologies. Unique world.
    Unique adventure around
    the world in cars driven by
    a great dream to unite people around the world.
    Unique places
    adorn the unique stories of local famous dreamers from every place along the way.
    Everyone on the team has their own unique challenge from a tech breakthrough to climbing every mountain on the way.
    Unique journey across both poles only on the surface without flights. Worlds first.
    Our mission
    Unique Planet
    We believe that we can embrace the Earth by meridian and unite people all over the world in one unique journey
    Our Team
      Our Vehicles
        3.8 km
        Km of circum-
        Number of
        countries crossed
        16K km
        Distance driven on Arctic sea ice and Antarctic icecap
        22K km
        Drive in inhabited regions
        -282 m
        Lowest elevation
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        We offer a communication installation for several years - from planning to completion of the expedition.
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