June 24-25, 2024

One walk around Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and the Transglobal Car Team has truly fallen in love with this city. It is incredibly beautiful, peaceful, and feels like home. The abundance of sculptures throughout the city left us in awe! Check out the stories (highlights ‘Europe’) to see them all.

The Dragon Bridge stands as one of the most iconic landmarks here. The winged dragon has been a symbol of Ljubljana for many years, and you can even find its image on the city’s emblem. But why is that?

According to one of the widely circulated legends, the presence of the dragon is linked to the legendary Jason. As the tale goes, Jason sailed to Colchis aboard the ship ‘Argo’ and there he stole the Golden Fleece. On their return journey, his crew mistakenly navigated into the mouth of the Danube, then swam to the Sava, eventually arriving in Ljubljana. Along the shore of a vast lake surrounded by swamps, they encountered the very same dragon that had been terrorizing the local population. Naturally, Jason and his team aided the locals in ridding themselves of this dangerous creature.
Expedition diary Stage 3