July 6-9, 2024

Our friends at the Italian Space Agency invited us to visit the Italian Air Force Museum. It is located 30 km away from Rome on the shores of Lago di Bracciano. Why a lake? Because for many early aircraft, using floats on a lake was the best available runway. Later, it became an air force base. Now, it is a wonderful museum showcasing the development of military aviation. The museum features a number of aircraft displayed in several large hangars, ranging from a replica of the Wright brothers’ plane to modern fighter jets. Most important for us was relics from Nobile’s two Arctic expeditions with dirigibles, including navigation equipment salvaged from the crashed Italia that was the first across the North Pole.

Then we visited the Ferrari Maranello Museum. Maranello is where Ferrari’s history began. The museum is fantastic, showcasing all stages of the company’s development.

On this day, we also bid farewell to Italy. Our final stop was Castell’Arquato, a town cherished by history, archaeology, and art enthusiasts. The city is believed to have originated as a Roman military settlement during the Roman Imperial Era.
Expedition diary Stage 3