June 12-16, 2024

These days we went through three countries - Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.

On June 12 we delved into history. The team visited the Auschwitz Memorial (Auschwitz Birkenau), the largest concentration camp of the Second World War. The next day we visited a UNESCO treasure - the Cracow Saltworks Museum. Both places are ‘must visit’.

On the way to Slovakia we visited the Banska Bistrica ski resort (which looks completely different in summer compared to winter). Additionally, we explored another UNESCO-protected site, the wooden church in Gronsek. Upon arriving in Budapest, we embarked on a river excursion along the Danube, taking in the capital’s main attractions from the water.

Distance covered: 1295 km.A free day in Prague allowed the whole team lots of time to appreciate this amazing and historic city.

We walked for hours, and still we were not tired of this place. Our drive from Bayreuth was short. In the heat of the afternoon we set off to see the city and returned with the cool evening breeze. We wouldn’t be bored even if we spent a week here. In every direction there is history, architecture, and beauty. A full day’s tour goes by quickly when there is never a lull.
Expedition diary Stage 3