April 21–23, 2024

These days were the most exciting yet. Visibility started out very poor but improved somewhat, although we fought with pressure ridges and cracks. At one point we spent almost three hours looking for a way across an open water lead, but eventually decided to put the amphibious vehicles in the water for the first time in the expedition. No-one has done this in the Arctic since these same vehicles were last here over a decade ago. It was a complete success, but with exciting moments! We progressed about 37 km straight south. Hard work but we’re still moving.

The ice became much more difficult. Old and huge pack ice frozen into ridges by newer ice. After much reconnaissance and drone flying we think we have found a route and we’ve fought through some of them so far. Greenland is about 280km away and it looks like every km will be a victory.
Expedition diary Stage 2