March 29—31, 2024

These days started with a trailer half in the water and by the end we had Yemelya #3 full swimming. But made solid progress toward pole although now cracks are everywhere and pack ice is very tall. It’s funny now that the sun doesn’t go below the horizon, it feels like we could keep going. But it’s tiring work both ice chipping/walking and driving. We took the first half of the day to work on the machines because visibility was bad. We repaired tires and inspected everything.

Now we're back on ice maps and making time over epic pressure ridges on the pack ice of the polar ice cap. Huge old plates and chunks of ice fighting each other, but more stable today than past days. Now at 87°45′37″ N 111°45′59″ W. Only 156 miles (251km) to the North Pole!
Expedition diary Stage 2