June 21-23, 2024

On Day 162 we visited the well-known Kehlsteinhaus, or “Eagle’s Nest.” The tea house was built in 1937–1938 and was used for a variety of Nazi party functions before and during WW2, including by and with Adolph Hitler. Its capture at the end of the war was a major effort, although the Allies never managed to directly bomb it. When it was taken, it was a source of many personal papers and important documents. It is located on Mount Kehlstein at an altitude of 1834 meters in the Bavarian Alps, in the district of Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, Germany.

Several movies have shot at the location, capturing the eerie and slightly haunted feel. However it has now been converted to a restaurant, beer garden, and tourist site. We appreciated both its significant history and its current re-birth.

Then we went from Graz, Austria to the lake Blejsko, which is located at an altitude of 475 m above sea level. Bled Castle is located on a steep cliff overlooking the lake. The tall mountains block cold air, forming a unique microclimate in the valley.

Lake Blejsko is a venue for significant international rowing competitions, including the World and European Championships, as well as the World Cup.

By the end of the weekend, we had crossed into our 11th country - Slovenia.
Expedition diary Stage 3