May 9–12, 2024

The last few days were testing our limits as we navigated through the treacherous fast ice between the North Pole and Greenland. Hours spent chipping away at the stubborn ice barriers, each team member pushing their endurance to ensure our journey continues southward. The hard work pays off in unparalleled views and the thrill of conquering nature’s challenges.

One of the days turned out to be the most difficult day on the expedition in terms of work, visibility, and terrain. Large drifts from the recent storm caused at least six occasions where we were at risk of rolling a vehicle onto its side. And there was as much shovelling of hard snow as chipping of ice, which was even more challenging and tiring as we had to pick all that snow with the shovels too - it was definitely a sting in the tail.

The final day of the Arctic stage of the Expedition was very long and very tricky as well, with flat white light and many hummocks/pressure ridges hiding right in front of our headlights. The team still pushed through, and we finally arrived on land at Station Nord, Greenland for immigration processing. We are pretty certain that we’re the only vehicles that have ever driven to Greenland!
Expedition diary Stage 2