July 2-4, 2024

We covered 584 km and visited magnificent places in Italy.

First, we went to Pompei, the legendary town where we spent the entire day. The next day, we explored Abruzzo, the green heart of Italy. It’s in the middle of the Apennine Peninsula on the Adriatic coast. Then we visited Parco Nationals della Majella and the city of Lettomanoppello.

In Lettomanoppello, we met Stefano Faccini, a sculptor, and Massimo Blasioli, who taught us how to work with stone. Some of us even created our own pieces of art!

Stefano also showed us around the city and shared that every year, stone craftsmen and sculptors from all over the world come together to create art for the city streets. It was inspiring to meet people so passionate about their work!

Our final stop was a hike with stunning views of Mount Gran Sasso and the northern slopes of the Majella, guided by Andrea and Giovanna. A big thanks to amazing people we met on our way!Day 172 brings us to a new country - Italy. Our first stop was Matera, the only place in the world where people can claim to still live in the same houses that their ancestors inhabited 9,000 years ago.

The ancient city of Sassi di Matera and its cluster of cave churches have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Countless films have been shot here, including one of the Bond movies.

We descended into the deep gorge, within the walls of which this city was born, and simply strolled around, taking in the breathtaking views.
Expedition diary Stage 3