June 5–7, 2024

Day 147 and the third on the road in Europe started with a crossing of the Øresund bridge from Malmo Sweden to Copenhagen Denmark, which transformed travel between the two countries when it was opened in 2000. In the water to the south we saw vast wind farms that look fascinating with their scale and the fact that they’re in the water with consistent winds and not taking up precious land from agriculture. Several team members split off to investigate Copenhagen while most of the team went to Legoland, which did not disappoint….

By 7 PM the next day we reached Germany. We covered 685 km in these 2 days. We spent Day 149 in Hamburg, experienced the most mind-blowing audiovisual journey at the Planetarium! The reimagined presentation of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ was absolutely mesmerizing. Each track was paired with stunning visuals of cosmic phenomena, taking us on an immersive trip through space and time.

We also took a cruise on the Elbe and got to know the third largest port infrastructure in Europe. It was a fantastic experience. The city is modern with a rich history, where architecture is harmoniously combined.
Expedition diary Stage 3