June 8–9 2024

On Day 150 we left Germany. We are thoughtful and we all discovered something new. From Steyer, we drove to Großcomburg. The abbey was beautiful but it was outshone by the countryside surrounding it. A quick drive to the town of Schwäbisch Hall completed the stop with coffee, ice cream, and a walk. We drove through Nürnberg to see the Palace of justice where the Nürnberg Trials took place.

In general in Germany we walked a lot, visited small cozy towns and large ones, visited castles and chose routes through picturesque places, tried national cuisine and even drank beer! In a word, we were real researchers…

Here we also put on shorts for the first time after the Arctic section of the expedition and felt the warmth and hospitality of the country. We all noted that the people living here love their country, treating their culture, history and each other responsibly. Thank you Germany. We’ll be back!
Expedition diary Stage 3