January 10–15, 2024

The Expedition has started at 10:10, January 10, from New York. The day before we had the exciting opportunity to present the Transglobal Car Expedition at the Explorers Club. And we were given the honor to carry the Explorers Club Flag through the Expedition, and it’s a way to further the cause of exploration and field science.

On the first day we covered 482 km from Manhattan to DuBois, Pennsylvania with our four AT35 Expeditions, our AT44 PowerBoost hybrid, and one of our AT44 6x6 Polar trucks. Then we had a great drive of 564km and got in a hike to a waterfall in beautiful Cuyahoga National Park in Ohio. We spend the third day touring in Detroit near Ford World Headquarters and the Henry Ford Museum and at Michigan Central Station.

A cold, snowy fourth day saw us drive 509 km from Dearborn to Lake Zurich, Illinois. We made it to Chicago and up the Magnificent Mile with a quick look at Cloud Gate (“The Bean”). The fifth day was quite an adventure as we braved the icy roads for over 600 km from Chicago to Minneapolis in -23°C / -9℉ weather. The entire road was littered with long tracks that have flown into the ditch, a clear sign of the challenging weather conditions. The next day we departed from Minneapolis and headed towards the Canadian border. We stopped in Fargo for a quick snack and to refuel. This city is well-known for the film and TV series of the same name. As we continued our journey, a sudden snowstorm hit the city, adding a creepy atmosphere to our visit.
Expedition diary Stage 1