April 5–7, 2024

We made it to the true geographic North Pole.

Celebrate with us! Our team has reached the North Pole, marking a monumental achievement in our Arctic journey. Powered by the indomitable Yemelya vehicles, we've traversed the most challenging terrains to detect cosmic rays using Erebus and Nansen at the top of the world.

Now it's team work day on the North Pole. Has there ever been this much work done on the pole? We doubt it. But it’s all necessary as our work in the Arctic is only half done. We’re celebrating the achievement of the pole but preparing to come back down too - 800km to Greenland and then the length of Greenland too! The cars have been reliable but that’s thanks to expert maintenance. With fine weather and some time in hand waiting for a supply flight, the team got to work. Nice place for it.
Expedition diary Stage 2