June 3–4, 2024

On 145th Day, the TCE Team experienced the history of transportation at World of Volvo. As car enthusiasts, we found it incredibly enjoyable and spectacular. We drove from Oslo, Norway to Gothenburg, Sweden, covering 342 km.

The next day was great as we visited to the Aeroseum - an exceptional place with the history of aviation and especially Cold War equipment entirely in an underground hanger cut into the rocks. You can get into actual jets like the Swedish Viggen with all the controls and buttons! We pressed on and visited a lovely beach in Angelsberg (bonus points for telling us who the car manufacturer nearby is…) and then through country roads to Malmo, where we again visited the water and saw the bridge we will cross tomorrow to Denmark. Along the way we saw many wind and solar generating installations, underscoring Sweden’s commitment to renewable energy.
Expedition diary Stage 3