AT44 6x6 F350
The vehicle has been designed in Iceland by Arctic Trucks' engineers, then built under supervision at new associate facilities in Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA.

The base vehicle is a Ford F350 twin cab chassis with a high-strength fully boxed steel frame. A 6.7 liter V8 diesel produces 475HP @ 2600 rpm with 1,424 nm torque @ 1,600 rpm. Transmission is an automatic 10 speed unit with extra crawler gear.

The Arctic Trucks "AT 44" 6x6 conversion includes (amongst much more): extensive chassis modifications with 70cm extension, drive line changes, an additional axle, long travel rear air suspension, 10cm extra suspension travel, high performance shock absorbers, air lockers, wheel arch extensions to accommodate 44 inch tires, main tank fuel capacity increase to 550 liters, front and rear polar pumper internal tire inflation units and an additional auxiliary electric system.

The newly developed vehicle is the distillation of well over 350,000 kilometres of successful polar travel by Arctic Trucks' vehicles, including the AT44 6x6 HiLux, in Antarctica alone. (Arctic Trucks have also gained extensive experience through operations in Canada, Greenland and Iceland). This overland test drive to the Canadian High Arctic will see even greater improvements to critical factors such as shock setup, tire pressure settings and endurance in different conditions.