AT40 F150 Hybrid
The AT40 solution developed for the hugely popular pickup Ford F-150 is one of our latest projects receiving strong development focus. The driving factors to develop this solution for the F-150 are large cabin size compared to weight and plans to offer this vehicle to the North American market. To drive on top of deep snow, flotation is needed, so every kg saved in the weight of the car will give better performance and/or capacity to carry more supplies.

We needed to add a larger body vehicle than the Hilux to our polar vehicle fleet, but keep the vehicle as close as possible in the same weight range. When the F-150 with both alloy body and optional diesel engine, it came into a weight range we are looking for and a viable option for use in Antarctica running it on JET 1A fuel.

With great options for gasoline engines, hybrid and expected electric, this vehicle offers great options for the Arctic and our AT40 can be built on number of model options and factory specifications. With these vehicles to be used in variety of conditions and for variety of usage in challenging conditions our small production volume offers some flexibility to meet specific requirement.