In memory of lost Franklin’s Expedition

The team stopped northwest of King William Island near the coordinates where the Franklin Expedition ships were beset by ice for two winters and eventually abandoned in 1848. We observed a moment of silence for the lost 129 men and flew the Explorers Club flag. We pay tribute as the Transglobal Car team passes through the Franklin Strait.

Captain Sir John Franklin and his crew of 129 men set out from England on HMS Terror and HMS Erebus in search of the Northwest Passage in 1845, with their task set to find a sea route from the Atlantic to the Pacific and chart the unknown waters on the way. They bravely sailed through the icy waters of the Arctic but were locked in ice and in 1848 abandoned their ships to the Northwest of King William Island to try to walk south. They were never heard from again.

For many years, adventurers and scientists tried to uncover the mystery of the disappearance of Franklin and his crew, but only small relics and a few bones were found. But in 2014 Parks Canada found the Erebus and in 2016 the Terror just south of King William Island.

We, the tardiest explorers of this route, pay tribute to Franklin and his men and offer a moment of silence in their honor.